ACT Workforce Snapshot
Insights to Streamline the Early Stages of Recruitment

High-volume recruitment takes time, money and resources. How do larger employers hire and retain the best talent?

Companies spend billions each year in high-volume recruiting. Employers need help efficiently and economically managing large applicant pools and searching for viable job candidates. Recent studies indicate that 67% of hiring is done without any significant assessment protocol1. This results in high turnover, attrition, and exorbitant recruiting costs.

Today’s job market demands
  • The use of HR analytics to address inefficiencies
  • Talent practices that drive retention
  • Systems that address global talent shortages
ACT has a solution. Get a comprehensive Snapshot of your prospects’ foundational skills with ACT® Workforce Snapshot.

Based on trusted research from ACT WorkKeys assessments, Workforce Snapshot is an early-stage indicator providing insights to help employers screen and refine large pools of candidates quickly. Workforce Snapshot allows employers to determine if a job applicant meets minimum skill requirements for employment.
Sherry ReedSherry Reed is an Account Executive at ACT with more than 35 years in education as a classroom teacher, administrator and educational consultant specializing in school improvement and change processes. Sherry focuses on students, educators, and relationships with the families that support schools. She is dedicated to helping educators improve educational outcomes for students.

Optimize Your Organization’s Recruiting Process – Today

Talk to an ACT Professional and realize the power of ACT’s latest workforce solution:
Let Workforce Snapshot give you insights that streamline the early stages of recruitment.

Simplify the Process

Candidates can complete each assessment online or via a mobile device, in less than 30 minutes.

Trust the Insights

Snapshot offers a quick, pass/fail score for three, separate assessments:
  • ACT® Applied Mathematics Snapshot
  • ACT® Reading for Information Snapshot
  • ACT® Locating Information Snapshot

Save Time and Money

Receiving a snapshot of applicants’ foundational skills allows recruiters to focus on high-quality interviewing instead of spending time and energy decoding resumes.

Enjoy the Results

An improved quality of hiring leads to reduced turnover and increased retention and performance—three major contributors to an improved bottom line.

1 Bersin & Associates High Impact Talent Acquisition Study, Fall 2012

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