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ACT® WorkKeys®

Foundational Work Skills

Students, job seekers, and currently employed workers should focus on building essential job skills – the skills that form the foundation of training and job performance and those most sought by employers.
ACT® WorkKeys®

How Can You Ensure Your Learners are “Career Ready”?

Today, students need more than a diploma to achieve workforce success. Employers are looking for the foundational skills needed on the job.
ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments

ACT WorkKeys® Work Skills Assessments

ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments are the only workforce skills assessments based on the depth of ACT’s knowledge about workforce skill requirements.
ACT® WorkKeys® Career Readiness Certificate® (CRC®)

ACT® WorkKeys® and the ACT® Career Readiness Certificate®

Internationally recognized indicators of work readiness.
ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®)

Award College Credit

Postsecondary institutions can award college credit to students who demonstrate the 21st Century skills needed for success.
ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®)

How Career Readiness Credentials Help People, Businesses, & Communities

Educators and workforce developers are increasingly turning to career readiness credentials to help educate and prepare individuals for higher-paying jobs. 
ACT® WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®)

Prepare Your Students for the Workforce

How can you help your students move their applications to the top of the stack? Give them the opportunity to earn the WorkKeys NCRC.
ACT® WorkKeys® Job Profiles

Aligning Skills with Jobs

How can employers determine which individuals are the best fit for highly skills positions, or which workers are the top candidates to receive job-specific training?

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