Next Generation Noncognitive Assessment System
Actionable approaches to teaching Social and Emotional Learning in the classroom
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills are critically important for success in school, work, and life.

The ACT Tessera Teacher Playbook provides actionable lessons for teachers looking to integrate SEL into their classrooms. Its curriculum and activities are designed to help students continue to develop their social and emotional skill strengths and to improve upon their weaknesses.

This free 26-page PDF preview of the Playbook includes:
  • A broad overview explaining conventions in the Playbook and answers to the question: Can social and emotional skills can be taught?
  • The introduction to the curriculum unit on teamwork, which identifies the intended learning outcomes and includes three guided discussion activities
  • The first activity section from the teamwork unit, “Individual Differences Activities,” with four activities ranging from 15 to 40 minutes that tackle issues like diversity and inclusion
  • Insights into how to work with Tessera assessment results, which details the difference between roster reports and student reports and includes tactics for goal-setting and progress monitoring
  • The complete table of contents and references used in the Playbook and its curriculum
Download the ACT Tessera Teacher Playbook preview now to sample how insights into student skills translate into SEL strategies for the classroom.
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The better you understand your students’ soft skills today, the better you can help them succeed tomorrow.
Introducing the ACT Tessera Teacher Playbook

Easy to Follow & Flexible Lessons

Icons help teachers determine the best activities for their class setting & schedule

Activities with this icon are largely interactive and dynamic. Many of these activities involve physical activity, with students actively engaging in the exercises and moving about the classroom.


Activities with this icon do not involve any physical activity, rather they can be completed by students either collaboratively or independently, within the classroom or at home. Many of these activities center upon reflective group discussions.


Activities with this icon have been adapted from Techniques for Tough Times. Classroom data from the Salt Lake City school district, where the program has been in use for many years, indicates that student participation in these activities correlates with increased academic achievement, decreased behavioral infractions and enhanced quality of life.

* PDF sample available for download. The ACT Tessera Teacher Playbook available upon purchase is a digital tool complete with videos and activities.