School Characteristics, School Climate, & Student Outcomes: What’s the Connection?

How to measure and address student perceptions of school climate with ACT Tessera

School leaders identify school safety as one of the most pressing challenges they face today. But, how can you measure and address the factors related to school climate and safety and the effect it has on students?

This webinar focuses on new research from ACT experts that examines how school climate (student perceptions of school safety and relationships with school personnel) varies by school characteristics (e.g., school size, poverty concentration), as well as how school climate affects academic performance, absenteeism, and suspension from school.

Learn how ACT has incorporated measurements of school climate into ACT® Tessera®—our comprehensive social and emotional skills assessment. Evidence-based strategies for addressing and strengthening school climate will also be shared.


Jeff AllenJeff Allen
Director, Validity and Efficacy Research
ACT, Inc.

Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin Program Director
ACT, Inc.