Strengthening Climate for Better Outcomes

No matter the unique challenges you’re facing, we share the same goal: a positive climate for students to learn and thrive. Our research tells us that if you build on six core principles—backed by specific tactics and allocation of resources sustained over time—you can have a positive impact on school climate.

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This eBook focuses on research from ACT experts that examines how school climate (i.e., student perceptions of school safety and relationships with school personnel) varies by school characteristics (e.g., school size, poverty concentration), as well as how school climate affects academic performance, absenteeism, and suspension from school.
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The better you understand your students’ soft skills today, the better you can help them succeed tomorrow.

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Measure, Evaluate, and Improve SEL Skills

ACT Tessera is an all-in-one, multifaceted solution that gives students, parents, teachers, and schools a comprehensive view of 6–12th grade students’ Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. With this system, schools can measure, evaluate, and remediate five important SEL skills plus school climate.

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