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New This Year for PreACT Solutions

⭐ Norms for PreACT 8/9  
Norms allows students to see how they performed relative to other students across the country who took the PreACT. They can see the percent of students who scored at or below their score.
⭐ Enhanced Reporting
  • After additional learning, students typically grow from season to season. ACT has updated the benchmarks for PreACT and PreACT 8/9 to be season-specific so that students’ readiness can be evaluated at a more granular level, by accounting for how much time students have to grow in high school.
  • Similarly, the Career Readiness Indicator for PreACT and PreACT 8/9 has been updated to be grade-specific. The Career Readiness Indicator is not season-specific because the change from season to season is small.
⭐ Concordance of ACT Aspire and PreACT/ACT Test Scores
This concordance can be used to:
  • Align scores from different tests that measure similar constructs
  • Understand the readiness of students
  • Set comparable scores

Download the full concordance

Solution 2020-2021 Pricing Agreement Deadline Testing Window Materials
PreACT $14.00 per student Enroll now to lock in plans
for school year 2020-21
Flexible Administration:
Schools choose when to test
September 1 2020 – June 1 2021
2020-21 Materials are necessary
for testing in 2020-21
PreACT 8/9 $14.00 per student