Are You Preparing Students Early Enough?

It’s a question worth asking, since ACT data gives you robust reporting about where a student stands. This arms your educators with data that can fuel actions to get students on the best path toward college and career success.

The sooner you can measure students’ strengths, areas for growth, and personal interests, the better. At ACT, that’s what we can help you do.

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The better you understand your students’ soft skills today, the better you can help them succeed tomorrow.

ACT Solutions Geared for Early Preparation

The First Step Toward Practicing for the ACT

PreACT 8/9 is for schools and districts who want to support their 8th and 9th graders with an early practice experience for the ACT test. It also provides an early indicator of college and career readiness that helps educators, students, and parents identify areas of academic strength and opportunity.

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Create a Stronger Start

The ACT® Aspire® Assessment System is the first digital, longitudinal assessment system to fully connect student performance with readiness benchmarks.

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