ACT Tessera Workforce
Measure What Matters

Improve your company’s competitive advantage and increase employee performance by measuring essential skills critical to workplace success.

Building on decades of research, ACT is meeting the needs of employers with Tessera Workforce™, an assessment that can accurately measure essential skills, commonly referred to as soft skills, required to be a high-performing employee.

As a result of measuring these essential workplace skills, employers can predict success in key performance areas such as work ethic, teamwork, leadership, work satisfaction and more.1

Measure what matters with Tessera Workforce. Available in January 2019.

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Sherry ReedSherry Reed is an Account Executive at ACT with more than 35 years in education as a classroom teacher, administrator and educational consultant specializing in school improvement and change processes. Sherry focuses on students, educators, and relationships with the families that support schools. She is dedicated to helping educators improve educational outcomes for students.

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