Ordering ACT WorkKeys

We’re excited that you want to order ACT WorkKeys® Assessments for your organization! After reviewing the information below, click the “Start Registration” button to complete a brief order form. Submission of this form will result in the generation of a contract for all of the available WorkKeys assessments in both the internet and paper and pencil versions.

Available options in the order form include:
  • Assessment language: English, Spanish, or both
  • RegiSTAR: an online system used by institutions, at no additional charge, to issue, report on and manage NCRC certificates for all examinees at their location(s)
  • Listing on ACT’s website as a provider of ACT WorkKeys assessments, where anyone can register to take an exam
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Before you begin, you will need to know the following:
  • Who in your organization has the authority to sign contracts
  • Test Administrator – The main contact person for your primary location who will also be responsible for setting up accounts in the test systems for others with Test Administrator or Proctor roles
  • Billing Address and Contact – The address and contact to whom invoices will be sent
  • RegiSTAR Contact (only necessary if signing up for RegiSTAR) – The person who will have access to the RegiSTAR system and will have the ability to run testing and/or certificate data reports and generate certificate PDFs

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