New Options for the ACT Test Offer Students More Choices

ACT announced new options coming to the ACT® test starting with the September 2020 national test date. Learn from ACT experts as they explain the new options, why ACT is offering them, and how these options give students more choices, a better experience, and greater confidence that their ACT test scores reflect their overall academic achievement and potential.

Watch this webinar and learn about:
  • ACT Section Retesting—Once students take a full ACT test, they can choose to retake the full test or retake one or more single-section subject tests to improve their scores. Learn how section retesting allows students a greater level of focus while more closely aligning to typical college exams.
  • ACT Superscoring—ACT will calculate superscores for all students. Learn how students can truly show their proficiency in the subject matter.
  • Faster Results with Online Testing—Students who choose to take the ACT online will receive their scores in as few as two business days. Learn how faster results help students gain time in the decision-making process.



Lisa WolfLisa Wolf has been with ACT since June 2008. She began her ACT career as a Test Development Associate, where she developed math constructed response items and led teams in scoring student responses to the items. She also worked on other ACT mathematics-related materials, such as writing instructional units. She transitioned to a client-facing role in January 2012 and worked with secondary and postsecondary institutions across many states, primarily Colorado and Kansas. Wolf is currently the National Director of K-12 on the Client Relations team. Prior to coming to ACT, she was a high school math teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a Master of Science degree in educational leadership.

Sarah MoothartSarah Moothart is the Senior Director of K-12 Products at ACT. In her role, Sarah leads the development of solutions that help students in grades kindergarten to 12 showcase their academic knowledge and skills—such as the ACT® test, PreACT®, and ACT® Aspire®. With 12 years of educational product management experience, Sarah helps ACT continue to put students first with innovative enhancements to college and career readiness measurement. She is an alumna of the University of Iowa.