GEAR UP for Student Success—Taking a Holistic Approach to Creating College-Bound Students

2020 has forced us to rethink every way we prepare students for the future—including how to best serve our most vulnerable students and ensure that they are motivated and prepared for college. GEAR UP programs can play an instrumental role in supporting students through this chaotic and unpredictable time.

ACT has a long history of forging successful partnerships with GEAR UP, creating a college-bound culture through a “whole child” approach to meeting each individual student’s needs. ACT’s extensive suite of evidence-based tools and resources have been proven to provide tremendous value to GEAR UP programming, supporting efforts such as:
  • Achieving equity in learning
  • Early student awareness of college
  • Accelerating student readiness for college
  • Creating a college-going culture
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL)
  • Supporting positive outcomes for students
Watch this online panel discussion with key GEAR UP partners, focusing on best practices and implementation tips when using ACT tools with GEAR UP programs. This kind of partnership will equip you to help first-generation college-bound students in a truly holistic manner, balancing academics, test prep, and SEL. The result: a lasting impact on students that opens avenues to success they perhaps had never considered.

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Webinar Overview

Date: February 24, 2021
Time: 1:00 p.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. PST
Duration: 60 minutes

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Travis AndersonTravis Anderson is the Director of the GEAR UP Montana State Grant.  Previously, he served in public schools as a district superintendent, building principal, curriculum director, and classroom teacher.  His passion for helping students achieve their personal and educational goals has been a consistent focus throughout his career.  Travis holds a B.S.Ed. in Science Education from Dickinson State University, an M.S. in Educational Leadership from Winona State University, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Montana State University.  

Duane GreggDuane Gregg serves as the Project Director for GEAR UP Tennessee at the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. Prior to being the project director, he spent six years as the East Tennessee Regional Coordinator for GEAR UP Tennessee, and he has additional experience as an Upward Bound Director, Educational Talent Search Counselor and Coordinator, college professor, academic advisor, juvenile justice counselor, and small group facilitator. Duane holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Florida, a Master of Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from the University of Memphis. When not working, Duane and his wife Nancy spend time traveling, enjoying the outdoors and national parks, attending sporting events and concerts, and being foodies both at home and at restaurants.

Norma Ortiz McCormickNorma Ortiz McCormick is Director of the Region One Education Service Center Office of College, Career and Life Readiness in deep south Texas. She is a highly recognized advocate for students and families who have been underserved and underrepresented. With 26 years as a Texas educator, Mrs. McCormick is recognized nationally as a leader excelling at building private partnerships and developing high-quality programs to articulate over 40,000 students from high school to postsecondary destinations. The efforts of Mrs. McCormick and her team focus on transforming K-12 schools into college-going communities, and she is instrumental in leveraging team efforts to deliver services to all students and the educators who teach them.

 Nancy LewinDr. Nancy Lewin (Moderator) is a senior director for ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning, where she focuses at the program and local levels on the intersections of equity innovation and improvement in schools, districts, and postsecondary institutions. She is responsible for the Center’s activities pertaining to school, district, and postsecondary partner networks around improvement, innovation, and equity aligned with the strategic focus of the Center. This includes the digital divide, student success for underserved populations, and leveraging the use of ACT products, resources, research, and expertise in collaboration with internal and external partnerships.