Fuel Your Future Planning with ACT Data

We know this is a time of tremendous challenges for educators. ACT wants to help. That’s why we’re offering our data interpretation workshop as a free webinar for administrators and instructional leaders.

Education leaders know that planning doesn’t stop, not even in times of crisis. ACT wants to ensure you have the best information and data to help guide your students toward college and career success.

Watch this free webinar to learn how you can use ACT data—specifically, data from the ACT Profile Report—for future planning and even revising your current goals within the context of college readiness measures. You’ll learn about the insights and data points designed to help your teachers prepare for future instruction, and you'll receive the knowledge and tools you can apply to:
  • Instructional and curriculum design
  • Assessment planning
  • Performance indicators
  • Student placement and course planning decisions
  • Determination of rigor in your curriculum
  • Career planning
  • STEM support
In addition, we will talk about how the data connect back to the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards. We will also introduce some new data reports available through your school’s use of ACT Online Reporting.

Ready to take the next step?

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Bryan WilliamsBryan Williams, Program Director, Professional Learning, ACT, Inc.
When teachers, schools, and districts take steps to do more with the data created from assessments taken in their schools, many find the task of doing this somewhat difficult. I too have had the opportunity to be on your side of the desk looking at data and knowing there is more to gain from the information than what I was finding. The data tells the story.

I am a retired educator, spending over 31 years in Missouri where I started by working in the classroom, moving to a building level administrator position and finally into a district level position. I have worked in both small and large school systems, in rural Missouri and in the suburbs surrounding the state’s largest population area.

My roles within education continued to move me towards helping as many students, teachers and administrators as I could. For the last 17 years, I served as an administrator, heavily involved in testing and analyzing the data that followed. I found the work exciting, if you can believe that. I hold an Ed.D. in Education Administration from St. Louis University and in my most recent education role served as the Director of Assessment in a district of nearly 18,000 students.