Education and Career Navigation: Essential for Student Progress

Education and career choices can present difficult challenges for individuals. Facing these choices, they can struggle to plan or navigate a path. Through acquiring education and career navigation skills, individuals can better prepare themselves to set personally relevant informed goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Through extensive research, ACT has divided the kinds of education and career navigation that are most directly related to student success into four domains:

  1. Self-Knowledge
  2. Environmental Factors
  3. Integration
  4. Managing Career and Education Actions

Students, job seekers, and workers can each benefit, differently at different stages in their lives, from acquiring and using knowledge about themselves and their education or work environments to purposefully make better-informed choices, actively make plans, and succeed at achieving their education or career goals.

Read the report, Education and Career Navigation Critical for Student Progress and Success Landing, to see specifically how these skills benefit individuals at each stage of their education and career journeys and to read ACT’s policy recommendations on the topic.

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