Confident and College Ready 

How to Prepare Students for College-level Coursework

Research shows that being admitted to college or university is not the same as being prepared for college-level coursework. In fact, nearly half of all incoming students are not ready for college math or English. Most of these students will not graduate from college.

Join us for this free webinar series to learn about a new personalized learning system that accelerates high school seniors’ math and English mastery, enhancing their readiness for college-level coursework. This robust tool is changing the way districts help seniors prepare for postsecondary success.
Webinar 1: Introduction
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Webinar 2: College-level Math and English Readiness
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Webinar 3: ACT® CollegeReady™ in Action
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Kim RasmussenKim Rasmussen joined ACT in August of 2018. She assists educational leaders in the use of ACT research, data, and solutions that support education and workplace success, serving as the primary contact for Kansas and North Dakota schools. Prior to joining ACT, Kim spent over 25 years as a Kansas educator in roles that spanned from classroom teacher, to State Test developer, to State Department of Education consultant, to district administrator for Teaching and Learning.  

Cory GalanoCory Galano joined ACT as the Senior Product Manager, ACT CollegeReady. After graduating from San Diego State University, Cory worked in the financial services sector before bringing his client services and product management experience to the education sector.