Enrolling in ACT Aspire 2019-20

We are excited that you want to administer ACT® Aspire® assessment(s) to your students. ACT Aspire has a new ordering process that may look a little different but still gives our customers the upfront estimate they appreciate.

Next steps:
  1. Review the new billing policy below.
  2. After reviewing the information below, enter your email address and click the “Start Enrollment” button to complete a brief enrollment form.
  3. Within 5 business days, ACT will email you a contract. Please click through to sign.
  4. Once the signed contract is received, your order is confirmed.

Start the enrollment form by entering your email below:

Test Session Registration, Contract, and
School List Deadline *
Test Date Online Testing Window
Fall 2018 July 20, 2018 Oct 2, 2018 (Initial)
Oct 16, 2018 (Makeup)
Early Spring 2019 November 30, 2018 Feb 20, 2019 (Initial)
Mar 12, 2019 (Makeup)
Feb 20-22, 2019
Feb 26-28, 2019
Late Spring 2019 January 18, 2019 Apr 2, 2019 (Initial)
Apr 24, 2019 (Makeup)
Apr 2-4, 2019
Apr 9-11, 2019
* This deadline is the date a signed contract and list of participating schools is required. It is possible to register, sign the contract, and submit a list of participating schools the same day using a digital signature

We look forward to your participation in the ACT District Testing program! Meanwhile, visit this page to learn more about the District Testing program.

New This Year for the ACT District Testing Program:
Free Online Test Prep

A new free tool to empower your students and educators - ACT Academy, the new FREE online ACT test prep tool with personalized learning paths for students.

Educators have access to resources based on student gaps with robust classroom reporting.
Reduced ACT District Testing Rate

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English Learner Supports

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Online Reporting
ACT is launching a new dynamic online reporting system.

The online reporting will be available to your school and district soon.
Begin by entering your email address below
2019-20 Pricing (valid for the United States and U.S. Territories)
ACT Aspire Periodic $9.00 per student
Summative Online Testing $25.00 per student
Summative Paper Testing $31.00 per student
Summative Options Printed Individual Student Reports: $1.50
Printed Individual Score Labels: $0.50
Summative Discounts Order four or more grades of students: $1.00 off/Student
Order 400 to 1,000 students: $1.00 off/Student
Order over 1,000 students: $2.00 off/Student
When Summative and Periodic ordered during same school year: $4.00 off/Student (applied to Summative)

Before you begin, identify the following:
  1. Contract Authority - the person and contact information who has the authority to authorize the ACT Aspire contract
  2. Program Administrator - the person who will establish the ACT Aspire program at your school(s) and will receive initial communications from ACT
  3. Number of schools - the number of schools the contract will cover
  4. Estimated number of students who will take the ACT Aspire assessment(s)
  5. Desired Testing Dates - select from testing dates table:

Test Session Contract Deadline* Testing Window
Aspire Periodic
N/A Sept 3, 2019 - June 30, 2020
ACT Aspire Summative
Fall 2019
CLOSED Sept 30, 2019 - Nov 22, 2019
ACT Aspire Summative
Spring 2020
April 10, 2020 Mar 24, 2020 - May 22, 2020
* This deadline is the date a signed contract is required. It is possible to complete enrollment and sign the contract the same day using a digital signature

New Billing Policy
Invoices will be based on count of students who submit online tests and count of students designated as paper testers that test materials are shipped for. A reconciliation will no longer be necessary. Invoices need to be paid when received.

What's New
Consolidated Resources
Consolidated resources will provide a more concise path to access all the ACT Aspire tools and information that help administer the assessment.

Recently Arrived English Learner (RAEL) Option
On the Student Profile Demographic page the ELL field dropdown has been updated to include the RAEL (Recently Arrived English Learner) option. Educators can now better identify REAL students in a reportable way.
Enhanced Reporting
Track student progress from grade 3 to graduation with ACT® Aspire®, PreACT®, and the ACT®. Beginning in grade 7, ACT academic assessments provide predicted scores. ACT Aspire predicts to PreACT and the ACT. PreACT predicts to the ACT.
Response/Content Analysis Report Updates
The reading report now contains the reading passage, question and answer choices. For passages that are copyrighted the passage is summarized and cited giving educators further insight into the question asked. Also, additional Holistic Frameworks Standards added for all subjects adding further insight into the ACT Holistic Framework™.

The digital Classroom Response/Content Analysis report now displays a "Resources" link, when clicked it lists resources retrieved from ACT Academy.
Enhanced ACT Academy Integration

ACT® Academy™ is a free, online platform that helps educators, students, and parents implement a personalized, blended learning environment.

A direct integration between ACT Aspire and ACT Academy enables instructors to deliver personalized student instruction.

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