ACT Stack
Strengthen Your Workforce—One Skill at a Time

People make the difference in business, especially in today’s digital economy. Investing in employee skills is one of the best decisions you can make—because when you grow your employees, your business grows too. When organizations make employee development a priority, they increase retention, reduce turnover, and see their bottom line start trending upward.

Powered by Aspiring Minds, ACT® Stack™ offers employers a one-stop shop for validating foundational skills, industry-wide key skills, and essential skills. By utilizing ACT Stack, you can rest assured that your team members have demonstrated they have the critical skills needed to add value to the enterprise.

Technology is advancing rapidly, the competition is fierce, but keeping employees ahead of the game is in your control—with ACT Stack.
Sherry ReedSherry Reed is an Account Executive at ACT with more than 35 years in education as a classroom teacher, administrator and educational consultant specializing in school improvement and change processes. Sherry focuses on students, educators, and relationships with the families that support schools. She is dedicated to helping educators improve educational outcomes for students.

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