Next Generation Noncognitive Assessment System
The ACT Tessera Theory of Action
Theory-of-action-cover.pngSee how ACT® Tessera™ accurately measures the Social and Emotional Learning skills students need to succeed—and how it provides insights that support self-knowledge and growth.

Download the document to read the comprehensive theory of action, which includes:
  • An overview about the ACT Tessera next generation Social and Emotional Learning assessment system, and the methods behind it.
  • A graphical depiction of the theory of action, which outlines the claims that we wish to make concerning the mechanisms by which the assessment can impact a number of valued societal outcomes.
  • The empirical and logical foundation supporting the assessment claims, using specific research evidence and addressing the associated challenges in today's schools.
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The better you understand your students’ soft skills today, the better you can help them succeed tomorrow.