Recommended Strategies Students Can Use on ACT Test Day

The best way students can prepare for the ACT® test is to take rigorous classes and study, study, study. The test content, after all, is based on what they learn in school every day. But students can also prepare by knowing what to expect and having the right mindset for success.

Preparing students with ACT-recommended tips on self-pacing, fully comprehending the questions and answer choices, and using precision and logic in their responses can make a huge difference in their comfort levels while taking the test, which can lead to achieving their best scores.

Watch this free webinar to learn about key strategies you can share with students to help them do their best on test day. We cover simple tips all students can use to get ready for the big day.

You will also meet representatives from Sheridan High School in Arkansas, which recently launched a unique program to boost school-wide performance on the ACT test centered on helping students fully realize the value of taking a college admissions exam and tracking students’ readiness, step by step, leading up to test day.

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Lisa WolfLisa Wolf is the National Director of K-12 Partnerships in Client Relations at ACT. She joined ACT in 2008 as a Test Development Associate, where she developed math-constructed response items and led teams in scoring student responses to the items. She also worked on other ACT mathematics-related materials, such as writing instructional units. She transitioned to her current client-facing role in January 2012. Prior to joining ACT, she was a high school math teacher in Illinois and a faculty advisor for the student community service organization KEY Club. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in educational leadership.

Jason Burks is Principal of Sheridan High School in Sheridan, Arkansas, and is currently in his ninth year in administration. He was the principal at Sheridan Junior High School for three years and an assistant principal at the middle and high school levels in Sheridan for five years. Before he was in administration, he was a high school Career and Technical Education teacher for five years.

Summer Williams is in her third year as a literacy instructional specialist for the Sheridan School District in Sheridan, Arkansas. Prior to becoming a specialist, she was a high school English teacher for six years, which allowed her to see the impact ACT preparation had on her students. Summer’s specialist role, as well as membership on her district high school’s leadership team, have allowed her the opportunity to work with administrators and other specialists to ensure ACT preparedness for students.

Becky McIver is a math instructional specialist for the Sheridan School District in Sheridan, Arkansas. She is currently in her seventh year as a specialist, with a total of 15 years in education. Becky works with K-12 math curriculum to create and maintain a vertical alignment that ensures students are college and career ready. She works closely with the district high school’s leadership team to implement a school-wide ACT plan focused on improving student scores.

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