Demystifying Social-Emotional Learning:
How Measuring SEL Skills Affects Classroom Achievement and Beyond

A growing number of researchers, educators, and policymakers agree that social and emotional learning (SEL, or noncognitive) is essential for a wide range of outcomes in academic and life success. Decades of research have shown that attention to SEL predicts many important outcomes across different ages, countries, and cultures:
  • 77% of teachers say that strong SEL skills improve academic performance
  • 87% of teachers believe that SEL is a major benefit in preparing students for the workforce
  • On average, every $1 invested in SEL-development programs yields $11 in long-term benefits, ranging from reduced juvenile crime, higher lifetime earnings, and better mental and physical health
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Webinar Survey Results

During the webinar, we asked for your opinions regarding several topics related to social-emotional learning. Here are the results:

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