OpenEd Benefits Wyoming Students

Over 500,000 of the best educational videos, games, assessments, homework assignments, and lesson plans have been gathered all in one place. OpenEd is a free, online learning resource library from the college and career readiness experts at ACT. The “smart library” accurately aligns instructional content to each student or classroom based on performance in each subject and domain, using results from PreACT® and the ACT® test.

With educational video games, activities, homework assignments, lesson plans, and assessments, you can seamlessly integrate OpenEd into instruction. Here’s how it works:
  1. Teachers assign OpenEd homework and quizzes to students.
  2. Student’s complete assignments, and their performance and progress appears on a mastery chart.
  3. OpenEd uses advanced algorithms powered by best-in-class machine learning to find relevant instructional content for each student or classroom, based on homework and quiz results. The content is designed to help with remediation and mastery of subject areas.
  4. Educators can track students’ progress, receive detailed results, and assign further resources recommended by OpenEd and tailored to students’ areas of need.

Have questions about OpenEd, ACT, PreACT, ACT Online Preparation or WorkKeys? Contact Rob Dennis, Wyoming’s ACT State Lead at 307-761-9094 or [email protected]

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