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The New ACT WorkKeys Curriculum is Available

Frequently Asked Curriculum Questions

Updates to the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum will include a new, modernized platform for increased responsiveness on mobile devices and the only content specifically aligned with the updated WorkKeys Assessments for the National Career Readiness Certificate®

Important Information
  • Online testing for Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents will be available June 1
    • The three new tests will be available for registration and administration online once customers have completed an updated Standard Agreement
    • Initially there will be just one form available online with no immediate retesting. ACT will notify you as soon as additional forms are active later in the summer.
    • Updated system technical requirements are available here
      • NOTE – Due to security limitations, Internet Explorer is not a supported browser for the new tests. Examinees will get an error message if trying to launch from any version of IE.
  • Paper and Accommodated testing materials for the new tests will be available to order starting August 1
    • You may continue to order materials for the current tests until July 21
    • New online ordering process for test materials and scoring orders will start on August 1
    • All answer documents for the current tests must be postmarked by August 18 to be processed by ACT
    • You may continue to use Express Score for the current answer documents until October 1
  • Data for Paper versions of the new tests will be available through the Reports Portal starting August 1
    • You will be able to run individual reports for paper test takers, and paper test data will be included in roster and data extract reports.
    • For customers who have a Validus realm with paper sites already added, data for both modes will be available in the Reports Portal
    • For customers who only do paper testing, or who have a Validus realm but have not added their paper sites to it, ACT will add or update your access to the Reports Portal to coincide with the August 1 launch of new paper tests.

Why is there a new curriculum?
As part of ACT’s commitment to the workforce market and its mission to help people achieve workplace success, we are making an unprecedented investment in our WorkKeys products. The WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate assessments and credential were updated and released June 2017 to ensure ongoing relevance and alignment to the changing skill requirements of today’s jobs. In order to prepare learners for success on the new assessments, ACT has made a significant investment in a newly aligned curriculum.
What new courses will be available?
Courses: Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, Workplace Documents
When will the new curriculum courses and platform be available?
The new courses will be available in September 2017.
Will additional new courses be created?
While the specific roadmap is still being drafted, there are plans to release updated versions of some of the most popular legacy titles onto the new platform, as well as new curriculum offerings designed to support today’s workforce.
How long will it take learners to complete the WorkKeys Curriculum course material?
The amount of time it will take depends on the individual learner. The courses themselves were designed to deliver the most efficient yet effective learning experience possible.
What are the features of the new ACT WorkKeys Curriculum?
The new platform hosting ACT WorkKeys Curriculum will be familiar to users of ACT Online Prep, as it is the same learning management system that supports that product. The platform includes a number of few capabilities, including a modernized user interface and increased responsiveness on mobile devices.

As ACT works to develop a broader range of course offerings and maintain alignment with the ACT WorkKeys assessments, any new courses will also be offered on this new platform.

Features of the new ACT WorkKeys Curriculum platform
  • PERSONALIZED: Each course will have a pre-course placement screener to suggest an appropriate starting point for each learner to begin working within the lessons.
  • INTUITIVE: Each course will have distinct, but linked modules for Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Level 7 skills.
  • EFFECTIVE: Each course will have end-of-level quizzes to check for mastery of content at each level within the course.
  • INTERACTIVE: Each level module will contain multiple topics, and most topics will include opportunities for learners to practice skills via embedded, interactive components.
What sorts of tools or capabilities can I look forward to with the new curriculum?
There are many new tools and capabilities that will provide an engaging and empower user experience, such as
  • Customizable, automatically adjusting study schedule
  • Dynamic user-centric dashboards
  • Confidence-based self-evaluation to foster ownership of the learning experience
  • Quizzes designed to simulate the real testing environment
  • Interactive study tools
  • Embedded technology-enhanced items
  • Modern user interface
Will KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 accounts migrate into the new system?
No, users (admins and students/ learners) will need to set up new user accounts and login credentials to access the new system. ACT will provide instructions on how to accomplish this before the system goes live. In addition, because the course offerings in ACT WorkKeys Curriculum are completely distinct from those in Career Ready 101, student/ learner performance data will not migrate into the new system.
Will students need to be reenrolled to have access to new curriculum?
Yes, because the new curriculum will be in a new learning management system, students will have to be enrolled in that system to gain access and utilize the system.
Will practice tests be available?
Practice tests will be delivered on the same platform as the assessments. New practice tests based on operational quality Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents items will be available with the updated assessments on June 2017.
If a customer has an existing contract for KeyTrain or Career Ready 101, will they receive access to the new WorkKeys Curriculum?
Yes. ACT will provide access to the new ACT WorkKeys Curriculum to any current KeyTrain or Career Ready 101 license holder who would like to use the new product through the length of their existing contract for no additional charge.
Will ACT continue to support KeyTrain and Career Ready 101?
Many of the courses in Career Ready 101 today will not have equivalent offerings in the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum product at launch. Therefore, all courses currently in KeyTrain and Career Ready 101 will remain active and accessible to customers for the foreseeable future. ACT will not deactivate any licensed access to either KeyTrain or Career Ready 101 prior to license expiration. However, no courses in KeyTrain or Career Ready 101 will receive significant updates to their content or functionality going forward. Any new courses that are developed in the future will become part of the ACT WorkKeys Curriculum product, and will not be added to the KeyTrain or Career Ready 101 offerings.
Can new WorkKeys Curriculum customers purchase access to KeyTrain and Career Ready 101?
Yes. For FY18, customers can purchase access to the legacy products if they are interested in the skill-building, soft skills, life skills, and employability tool offerings that are not yet available via the WorkKeys Curriculum.