ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning

Equity in Education and Career: It’s Everyone’s Business

Come learn how the Center for Equity in Learning activates ACT’s insights to:
  • Better connect, focus, and leverage ACT’s research in closing equity gaps;
  • Elevate ACT’s visibility and influence as a mission-driven nonprofit, and thought leader; and
  • Engage and inform external stakeholders, officials, philanthropic organizations, and others to advance ACT’s social impact mission.

Juan Garcia, Senior Director, Center for Equity in Learning oversees Strategic Partnerships for the Center for Equity in Learning at ACT, working with existing and new partnerships fulfilling ACT’s mission of helping people achieve education and workplace success.

Prior to joining ACT, Juan served as a champion of college access and readiness for the Iowa College Access Network (ICAN), led marketing and promotions for the launch of a new Spanish magazine published by the Meredith Corporation, and served as an Account Executive in Latin America for the Hispanic Marketing Division of Donnelley Marketing, Inc.

In November 2016, he graduated from the Harvard University Business School program of Leadership Best Practices. He is originally from Lima, Peru.