2018 Higher Education Research

2018 Higher Education Research Digest
The inaugural Higher Education Research Digest from ACT was released last year and many of your colleagues found it “relevant, timely, and practical” and called it “high-impact higher education research.”

Back by popular demand, the second edition of the Digest will be released at the ACT Enrollment Management Summit and on our website.

Articles in the 2018 Higher Education Research Digest will provide research insights to help you:
  • Build a diverse and college-ready class
  • Understand a new index for high school academic rigor, and use it to predict students’ college success
  • Tell whether a student will declare the major in which they indicated interest
  • Determine how much academic preparation a student needs before entering the workplace
  • Predict whether your incoming first-generation students will drop out or transfer
  • Forecast which high school students are likely to enroll and graduate from college
A guide to the 2018 ACT/SAT Concordance also is included in the Digest.

This year’s edition of the Digest presents three new publicly-available ACT databases: the Enrollment Management Database (updated with the 2017 ACT-Tested Graduating Cohort); the Ten-Year Trends Database; and the College Completion Database.

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