January 2018

Center for Equity in Learning Releases Brief on Data and Racial Heterogeneity

The racial makeup of the United States is rapidly changing. By 2050, it is expected that Whites will make up less than half of the total population in the U.S. Such a dramatic shift indicates that examining our demographics must be central to how we prioritize education in our country. Even more pressing, in light of our nation’s rapidly changing demography, we must address the education equity gaps that already exist. How can we do this? With better and more nuanced data.

ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning released a brief, based on recent report by the Institute for Immigration, Globalization, and Education at the University of California, Los Angeles, with support from ACT Center for Equity in Learning. The brief, “Invisible Education Equity Gaps,” looks at the importance of data disaggregation and provides recommendations for education advocates, practitioners and policymakers. Read the brief.

Accelerated Learning and Financial Aid Associated with Positive Academic Outcomes for Hispanic First Generation College Students

Out all racial/ethnic groups, Hispanic students are proportionally the most likely to be first generation college students (FGCS), yet remain understudied. The present study analyzed data from the 2012 incoming class of a Hispanic-serving institution (n = 2,499). Statistical analyses were used to compare Hispanic FGCS to Hispanic non-FGCS on first-year outcomes and to examine the role of accelerated learning and financial aid as supports for Hispanic FGCS.

Results were that, compared to Hispanic non-FGCS, Hispanic FGCS had lower first-year GPAs, were less likely to be retained for their second year of college, and were less likely to have the proper number of credits for a timely graduation at the end of the first year. However, having participated in accelerated learning in high school was linked to an increase in first-year GPAs for Hispanic FGCS, thus reducing the achievement gap. Further, receiving financial aid was linked to an increased likelihood of second-year retention and being on-track in terms of credit accumulation for Hispanic FGCS, again reducing the achievement gap. Administrators and educators are encourage to promote and leverage accelerated learning and financial aid programs as ways of enhancing the academic success of Hispanic FGCS.

To learn more about this study, download the issue brief.

ACT Aspire Summative for Spring 2018 Order Deadline Has Been Extended!

There’s still time to order ACT Aspire Summative for spring 2018. The deadline has been extended to January 31, 2018. 5-10 minutes is all you need to place your order, and no immediate requirement to upload student data. This will ensure you are prepared to offer your students ACT Aspire in the spring.

Work Ready Communities

ACT WorkKeys YouTube Video Library
Check out the new video library on ACT's YouTube channel featuring employer success stories with WorkKeys and Work Ready Communities. The latest videos showcase employers from Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina with more coming soon from Missouri and Oklahoma.

Tyson to Locate in County Industrial Park
The Work Ready Community of Gibson County, TN just announced their latest success in landing more than 1,500 new jobs with a Tyson plant to locate to the Gibson County Industrial Park at Humboldt. Group President of Poultry at Tyson, Doug Ramsey, cited the availability of labor as one of many qualities at the new location. Tyson plans to break ground in March with the plant to be fully operational by late 2019. Read the full article.

ACT Work Ready Communities Academy Spring 2018
Applications are underway for the Spring 2018 Academy that helps equip local and regional leaders to implement Work Ready Communities. 2018 promises to be the busiest year yet for Work Ready Communities with several new traditional, regional, and hybrid academies underway.


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ACT will offer free score reports to low-income students starting in September 2018

To read the full press release, visit here.

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