March 2017

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ACT District Testing Dates Available for 2017-2018 School Year

ACT has announced testing dates and sign-up deadlines for school districts that wish to administer the ACT ® test to all students during the school day as part of their districtwide testing program.

Test Sessions* Dates (Paper) Dates (online) Enrollment Deadline
Fall 2017 October 3, 2017 N/A April 14, 2017
Early Spring 2018 February 27, 2018 (initial)
March 20, 2018 (makeup)
February 27-28, 2018
March 1, 6-8, 2018
August 25, 2017
Late Spring 2018 April 3, 2018 (initial)
April 24, 2018 (makeup)
April 3-5, 2018
April 10 – 12, 2018
October 27, 2017 
* Districts may participate in one of the two spring test dates.

Online testing is available as an option to schools testing in the spring. Districts may decide if they wish to let their schools choose between paper or online administration of the ACT test, although all students must take it the same way within each school.

The program allows participating states and districts to establish baseline information on student performance, receive information on all students’ academic achievement and college readiness levels, make informed curriculum decisions and design individual intervention strategies for students who are not on track for college and career readiness.

The program benefits students in a number of ways:
  • It provides them with free college-reportable ACT scores that they can use to apply to colleges and for financial aid and scholarships.
  • It provides them with personalized information to explore college and career options based on their individual strengths and interests.
  • It encourages them to consider the option of attending college, particularly for students who may not have seriously considered this option previously.

Additional details are available at

Work Ready Communities

3,646,208 National Career Readiness Certificates
15,648 Employers recognizing or recommending the NCRC
21,183 Job Profiles in the ACT database

Work Ready Communities Academy

The next ACT Work Ready Communities Academy starts March 15 in New Orleans! We are excited to have 16 counties from 6 states joining us.

There is still time to join! The deadline is March 3, 2017. Click here for more information and to access the application.

NC Works Certified Work Ready Community

Lew Ebert, president and CEO of the North Carolina Chamber Foundation presented Chairman James Mallory of the Iredell County Board of Commissioners the NC Works Certified Work Ready Community certificate. The NC Works Certified Work Ready Community is an effort between workforce development partners at the local and state level. Russ Rogerson, executive director of the Mooresville South Iredell Economic Development Corporation and Statesville Regional Development said, “There is great value in being certified. We now have the framework in place to demonstrate to business and industry that we have the skilled workforce it needs.” ACT Work Ready Communities is a partnership with business and industry leaders to recognize and/or show preference in the hiring process for those who have earned the certification. For information or to see employers recognizing ACT in Iredell County, visit:

UAM Staff Attend Work-Ready Communities Academy

MONTICELLO, AR — Staff members from the University of Arkansas at Monticello, including Tawana Jones-Greene, executive director of admissions and enrollment management, Dorissa Kaufman, director of adult education at the UAM College of Technology-McGehee, and Denisa Pennington, grant manager for the Workforce Alliance of Southeast Arkansas at the UAM College of Technology-Crossett, recently joined educational and economic leaders from throughout southeast Arkansas at the ACT Work Ready Communities Academy in Dallas, Tex.

The two-day training session was the fourth in a series designed for "leaders who want to move aggressively forward into a 21st century approach to work readiness and economic development," said Pennington. The Academy is a 12-month program that state and local WRC leadership teams use to initiate statewide efforts to increase the number of counties certified as work-ready. "The goal is to demonstrate to current and future employers that southeast Arkansas is willing to go the extra mile to equip our workforce with the skills employers demand," said Pennington.

The Workforce Alliance of Southeast Arkansas was established through grants awarded to UAM from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education and the Delta Regional Authority. The combined regional team from Ashley, Bradley, Desha, Drew, and Lincoln Counties consists of economic developers, administrators from UAM, public school districts, adult education programs and business and industry owners and managers.

From the Field
ACT and Patrick Henry Community College
Cory Werkheiser, Patrick Henry Community College, Virginia ACT Council Member
Cory Werkheiser, ACT Virginia Council member

Martinsville-Henry County, Virginia, and the surrounding region, is not unique in the economic challenges being faced in the new economy. Once a thriving mill town based on textiles and furniture production, the area was hit hard by off-shoring during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Today, the economy is gaining steam, thanks to an emphasis on sectors including advanced manufacturing, customer service, and healthcare. 

Cory Werkheiser, Career Services Coordinator at PHCC, believes the community is the heart of these changes. “The people in this area are very proud to see the evidence of growth; and they are the ones making it happen. I’ve been in the area since 2013 and I can see big changes in just the past 4 years.”

Significant investment in the ACT Work Ready Communities has been a critical aspect of this growth. “Employers see the benefit of the NCRC credential and the Work Ready designation;” says Cory, “and this has helped bring new employers to the area.” In October 2015, due to the efforts of more than 60 local employers, educational institutions, and workforce development organizations, Henry County became Virginia’s first Certified Work Ready Community (CWRC) by ACT.

Henry County Named First Certified Work Ready Community in Virginia

Cory is an active member of the ACT Virginia State Council. He encourages all state council members to participate in the online community provided by ACT at He says, “It’s a really simple way to stay connected; and find out about new programs and initiatives nationwide. Plus, there’s the element of friendly competition provided by the Leaderboard!”

Contact Cory at, or follow him on the ACT State Organization Learning Community @Cory Werkheiser.

Maui High School Poster Competition

Hawai`i ACT Council Member Tad Iwata, College and Career Counselor at Maui High School has created a poster competition to promote awareness of the statewide ACT test to their students and community. As part of the poster competition, the school awards gift cards to the top 5 vote winners. The winning posters are posted across campus starting in January and are also provided to local media agencies and other schools on the island. Even local radio stations get in on the fun by running ads promoting ACT test awareness.

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